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We are a development and production company with a focus on growing the next generation of the Australian entertainment industry through two core goals:

Finding new, varied creators that come at storytelling with the perspective of their different backgrounds, identities and points of view, while at the same time;

Investing in the development and production of established, larger scale projects with a focus on building Orange Entertainment Co’s resources and ability to invest further in the next generation of talent and content.

Our core company ethos matches with our company colour - orange; which is traditionally aligned with the freedom of ideas, encouragement of mutual respect and meaningful conversation. We want this to exist in the people we back, the stories we tell or even better, both.

In short, we want to help people tell many, different stories (with a commercial edge) but also make sure storytellers don't all look, sound and think the same.

We want to learn from the trends and methods that have existed within the Australian entertainment industry while at the same time respectfully bucking them so as to be fresh, adventurous and of course a little cheeky.

Orange Entertainment Co is the sister company of The Post Lounge - a company with forty years experience in the entertainment business.



Kurt is the owner and Managing Director of award-winning post production studio The Post Lounge as well as company director and executive producer of VFX powerhouse Resin. He has over 18 years experience in the film and television industry, 8 of which he spent as General Manager at the Post Lounge before taking ownership in 2019. Starting his career as an editor at the company, Kurt now manages up to 30 staff working across all areas of post-production including editing and visual effects. Kurt has overseen The Post Lounge’s expansion across Brisbane and Melbourne and his experience into the post production process has allowed the company to continually adapt to the ever changing needs of the industry. Kurt’s credits include Never Too Late, Blood Vessel, Bloody Hell, Escape and Evasion, The Second, In Like Flynn, Brothers’ Nest, Don’t Tell, The Butterfly Tree and Boar. Recent television credits include Reef Break, The Family Law, Ronny Chieng: International Student and Safe Harbour and the Netflix hit Hannah Gadsby: Nanette, Wanted and animated series Balloon Barnyard.


Dan Lake is an entertainment executive and content producer whose work in development, financing and production extends across feature film and broadcast drama, factual and reality programming.
Dan was co-producer of feature documentary The Frackman (Dir: Richard Todd) and award-winning Australia-Canada co-production Early Winter (Dir: Michael Rowe), a dramatic feature film that won the Venice International Film Festival’s Venice Days Award. From 2014 to 2017 Dan was Senior Vice President – Development & Production at Screen Queensland, playing an integral role in the agency’s landmark production and talent development initiatives with Stan, ABC and SBS in Australia, and CBS in the United States. More recently Dan has worked as a creative producer across three of Australia’s biggest television formats – I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The Block and MasterChef. As well as his role with Orange Entertainment Co, Dan is also Partnership & Investment Manager for The Post Lounge - finding ways to build new partnerships with content creators, distributors and platforms while also managing the company’s investments in content.


YES, We do accept submissions - via The Popsicle Stand, our round based development fund

Orange Entertainment Co welcomes submissions from creatives and creative teams – so long as they fit with our company ethos of supporting new talent that doesn't all look, sound or think the same.

Projects looking for development investment will need to have at least one key-creative who is diverse, preferably where the project submitted will be either their first or second credit in this key role.

For example, a project can be on the development slate of any producer (including those who are very established) but in order to be considered for development investment with us, the writer on the project or the (meaningfully attached) director must meet the diversity criteria.

The reverse also applies – an experienced director and/or writer team may also choose to work with a new, diverse producer.

We will also read projects purely from diverse writers without anyone else attached.

If you have any questions, simply send us an email by clicking the button below.

Sure, so how do you define diversity?

Isn’t that the question of the times – we understand that diversity can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people but in this instance, we’re referring to cultural background, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. We’ve picked these because they’re the broader focus of the Australian screen industry but if you have some other thoughts or think we’re missing something here, send us an email with the button at the bottom of the page.

Cool, what do you want to develop and how?

We are open to investing in a range of projects including narrative and documentary feature film, broadcast and web series as well as short form content and podcasts.

We have also committed to investing in the development of at least one project from the Asia Pacific region (outside of Australia) per year.

Given our company ethos we’re keen to develop stories that show diversity on screen though we do understand that this can also come through casting rather than be a driver of story.

What we don’t want to see are diverse stories told by creatives without the right to do so. If you’ve got a great story but don’t think you’re the right person to tell it on your own, find a writer that will work with you to give it the voice and authenticity it deserves - you and your project will be better for it.

When it comes to helping with development, we can either invest post production and vfx services through our sister company The Post Lounge or good old cash to be used to further the project (writer’s fees, script editor fees etc). We will also work with you to help get the project in front of whoever we all agree is worthwhile.

Please note that the amounts we invest are in most cases modest but in all cases meaningful. Once you’ve sent us the project and we get excited, we’ll organise to sit down and talk dollars and sense.

Great – I think I have something; how do you make your decisions though?

First and foremost, it’s about story – how good is the story, who is the audience and will the project find that audience?

We go through two stages when making decisions.

First, all projects are read internally and we make a gut decision based on that first read.

Then, to ensure that any story or team diversity is being properly considered and respected we may also bring in an external reader that matches that diversity.

Yep still on board, what do you need?

If you’d like us to read your project, submit the following:

The Pitch
Here we're looking for a good old fashioned longline and a maximum one page synopsis.

The Script
If you do not have a current draft (eg. you’re submitting an outline or an idea) please include a writing sample from the proposed writer – it helps if it's in the same or similar genre.

The Plan
This doesn’t have to be long, just concise – tell us where the project’s been and outline what your next step is in the development of the project.

The Team
We'll need a little background on who you and your team are.

Great. Ready to send - how long until I get an answer?

We consider projects in rounds and the details of our next round are below including our estimated turn around time at the moment.

Though we consider projects in rounds, you can apply at any time and note that sometimes if we get really excited by a project we may get in touch with you earlier.


Actually it’s a little easier than that - just click here to send all your info. You won’t be able to hit the magic send button unless you’ve got everything ready.

Your irreverent style has made me confused and I have more questions than answers, please help.

It’s OK. Make a cup or tea or pour yourself a wine, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Just click the ASK button below.


for more info, contact ap@orangeentertainment.co


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We accept unsolicited materials though please ensure they are submitted here


It's easy - just enter the information below and attach the required documents. You do need to supply everything that's not listed as 'optional' in order to submit.

All documents need to be submitted in PDF format (word, pages etc will not upload)

Ready. Set. Go.


We've got it and we'll be in touch if we need anything else or have any questions.

Any questions? Just email ask@orangeentertainment.co